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New App Android TV Box

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Increase your possibilities, guaranteeing high quality videos in your customers’ Shops, install our new Android TV Box App. Suitable for any Android 9.0 TV device with 4GB RAM.
Virtual Generation the best of virtual games.

New Full HD Dog Videos

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We have developed the best greyhound videos of the last few years, FULL HD quality!!! New participants, new races, better resolutions. Crazy and exciting races! Only the best for our customers…

COMING SOON: New Full HD Dog videos

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Dear customer,
We are proud to inform you that we will soon be making an important change to our pre-recorded Dog videos, improving the quality.
Improving and offering an unforgettable gaming experience is our goal.
We are confident that upgrading from HD to Full HD resolution will improve your sales.
What are you waiting for? Equip your shops with the right equipment to show the best video on the market and you’ll build momentum in sales.
Soon we will inform you of the launch date of the new videos!!!

Customizable Timing events

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Diversify, the word that best represents us !!

We give our clients the possibility to customize many aspects of our System, from the Brand to the colours, from the Payment to the numerical tables, and even from the shop Jackpot to the Network and Online Jackpot.

From today the customizations are extended giving space to the “Frequency of events”!

Each game and each interface can have its own frequency of reproduction of the events. This innovation was created to satisfy the different needs of the market and the distribution channels, to manage from the frenetic times of online gaming to the longest waiting’s at the shop !!!

Personalization, our strength!

New online interface

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Innovation, market research, study, and passion are just some of the elements that characterize our winning team.

Passion is also the driving force behind our business, which moves us toward constant improvement.

Our new online interface is proof of this!

Our games, being the result of a deep analysis of the online player, are always at the forefront.

Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience through a simple, intuitive, and at the same time elegant interface, which allows you to review even missed events.

An interface that can be adapted to any device and can be used on tablets and mobile devices!

Virtual Generation the best provider of Virtuals.

Graphics Update

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The continuous search and the desire to innovate encourages us to constantly update ourselves.

After careful analysis, we evaluated that new, more innovative and dynamic graphics would add that added value to our pre-recorded and virtual videos.

You can see the result of this update in the products section, where you will find the video of each product with the new and attractive graphics!!!

Always the best for our clients!!!


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One of the most popular number games is now available on all our platforms!

The “Color” game is now available on our mobile, web and retail versions.

The funniest and most attractive game of the moment can now be played with the system of your choice. Innovations are always up to date in Virtual Generation!

Offer the best to your customers!

Virtual Generation, pioneer of online virtual games in Colombia.

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Virtual Generation is today the first certified provider of virtual games in Colombia.

Colombia, a country at the forefront compared to other Latin American countries, started several years with a long process to regulate the large gaming and betting sector

Keeping up to date was not easy, but Virtual Generation, a Maltese-based company, has proven to be the first provider capable of aligning on online games with Coljuego Colombia’s new directives, allowing its operators to offer their games in record time.

Tenacity, determination and the great efforts made have rewarded us achieving this goal, confirming that Virtual Generation always meets expectations. Seriousness, dedication and extreme customer service are just some of the characteristics of this company, which adapts to all kinds of client’s objectives.

Furthermore, virtual online games, at such a delicate time as the present, have shown that they can completely replace the momentarily interrupted real sports and that they have all the features to accompany them.

It offers many advantages, which is the main reason why in recent years it has increased its presence in the Gaming sector, and could be defined as a high-definition graphic representation of real events or prerecorded videos of real events.

Its main feature?

They evolve real competitions and bring you the real sensations and emotions that you would experience in live events, permeated by every small detail found in a real race. Not just the excitement, but the ability to repeatedly experience scheduled events, play and watch the race from the comfort of your home, choosing from a wide range of sports.

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New Full HD Videos

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Virtual Generation constantly renews itself to offer products with more and more quality!!!

Presenting new pre-recorded videos of horse racing in Full HD quality.

Videos in a sharp high definition so that neither you nor anyone misses a single detail of the struggling races.

With these videos the excitement of a competition is kept alive as in a real racecourse. Enjoy our news and updates.

New Game: Color!

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The game Color has arrived in our product portfolio!

A new fun and entertaining game that with its simplicity captures the attention of the players!

It is possible to choose 6 of the numbered balls drawn from the 49 available in the system and enjoy 6 different types of bets.

In Virtual Generation we love to offer you and your customers the greatest fun and variety possible, that is why we have implemented this new game, for the moment only in mobile version!