Available Integrations

  • Hosted/White Label

    Hosted/White Label

    Make the best of our existing backoffice and of all its features. By far the quickest and easiest way to start your business!

  • API Integration

    API Integration

    Connect our interfaces to your platform and let your customers play with their existing account. Available both Seamless and Wallet-to-Wallet.

  • Feed Integration

    Feed Integration

    Create your own unique betting interface and take advantage of our contents and feeds.

The new generation of virtual betting!

These are some of the advantages of using our own back-end system:

  • Create and manage autonomously Multiple Brands and Commercial Networks;
  • Assign an Overdraft to your Betting Shops and schedule a Return Plan;
  • Set your own Commission Plans for each Betting Shop;
  • Get access to a complete Reporting Service and Export your Files in different formats;
  • See in Real-Time what your Customers are betting.

Mathematical Model and RNG

  • Assign an Individual Book-Ratio for each Market;
  • Set the Minimum Stake per Column, the Minimum Stake per Coupon and the Maximum Winnings per Coupon;
  • Define different Jackpot Parameters for each Brand.

Available Platforms

  • Web Client

    Web Client

  • Mobile Application

    Mobile Application

  • Shop Client App

    Shop Client App

  • Shop Client Desktop

    Shop Client Desktop

Available Games

The best virtual betting platform for your business. Advanced technology, reliable mathematical models, high-quality videos and an unique betting interface, all in one product!