Available Integrations

  • Feed Integration

    Feed Integration

    Create your own unique betting interface and take advantage of our contents and feeds.

  • Hosted/White Label

    Hosted/White Label

    Make the best of our existing backoffice and of all its features. By far the quickest and easiest way to start your business!

  • API Integration

    API Integration

    Connect our interfaces to your platform and let your customers play with their existing account. Available both Seamless and Wallet-to-Wallet.

The new generation of virtual betting!

These are some of the advantages of using our own back-end system:

  • Create and manage autonomously Multiple Brands and Commercial Networks;
  • Assign an Overdraft to your Betting Shops and schedule a Return Plan;
  • Set your own Commission Plans for each Betting Shop;
  • Get access to a complete Reporting Service and Export your Files in different formats;
  • See in Real-Time what your Customers are betting.

Mathematical Model and RNG

  • Assign an Individual Book-Ratio for each Market;
  • Set the Minimum Stake per Column, the Minimum Stake per Coupon and the Maximum Winnings per Coupon;
  • Define different Jackpot Parameters for each Brand.

Available Platforms

  • Web Client

    Web Client

  • Mobile Application

    Mobile Application

  • Shop Client App

    Shop Client App

  • Shop Client Desktop

    Shop Client Desktop

Available Games

The best virtual betting platform for your business. Advanced technology, reliable mathematical models, high-quality videos and an unique betting interface, all in one product!